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Preventative Care

First Time Visits for Animals Over 1 Year of Age


For pets over the age of 1 without a history of vaccinations, our doctors recommend a series of vaccines 2-4 weeks apart. During your pets first visit our doctors will do a physical examination to assess their over all health, dental condition, joints and more. We also recommend a heartworm/lyme disease test and a fecal test. Intestinal parasites are not uncommon in animals not on a monthly preventative. On your pets second visit, 2-4 weeks after the first, you do not need to visit the doctor as long as your pet is not having issues. One of our veterinary technicians can administer the booster vaccine.


Annual Exams


Both Dr. Lanford and Dr. Knirk recommend a yearly physical examination for all pets. These exams help to detect any problems early on, which may make treatment easier for both you and your pet. During this exam our doctors will physically examine your pet, checking their teeth, joints, body condition and more. They will also discuss any issues you and your pet may be having. Our doctors also recommend a yearly heartworm/lyme disease test, fecal test and vaccines. An annual heartworm test is required to continue giving heartworm preventative.